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Chemical-Free Removal


After setting up a mutually agreeable day and time,  we arrive at your destination clothed in a full protective bee suit, gloves and boots.  We then place a small vacuum powered trap next to the entrance of the nest. Next, we disturb the nests and vacuum up the insects as they come out to defend their colony. We continue to vacuum at the entrance of the nest for up to an hour in order to collect most of the foraging workers as they return home. 

Once we have collected the live insects, we freeze them to preserve their venom.  We then remove the nest itself, if possible, along with the paper combs and tidy up the remaining debris.   We take the nest home to feed neighborhood chickens--who love the unemerged larvae.   Nothing is wasted.


All that remains is a $75 service fee using Venmo or Cash App or cash for removals within a 5 mile radius of our Lakeside location.  $100-$150 for removals further out.  Add $50 for the removal of each additional nest.

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